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The Wide Applicability Of CPVC Pipe Fittings

Posted by Admin on October, 01, 2022

CPVC is a thermoplastic that is created by chlorinating the polyvinyl chloride resin further. This implies that it has two carbon atoms, two hydrogen atoms, and two chlorine atoms bonded together and connected to this double carbon unit. This molecule joins with others to make CPVC polymer chains. CPVC is extremely resistant to deterioration and has a long service life. Therefore it makes these pipes as the best pipe fittings for hot water distribution system and cold water distribution system.

There are two sizes of CPVC pipes:

● The nominal pipe size and

● The copper tube size.

Pipes that utilize the NPS system are typically light gray, while pipes using the CTS system are yellow.

Uses of CPVC

CPVC pipe fittings are utilized for a variety of applications in commercial structures, residential buildings, and recreational facilities.

Commercial use

● Sheltering subterranean wiring

● CPVC is used in infrastructure for plumbing, drainage, and sewage

● It is used for the delivery and distribution of drinking and processed water

● It is used in the HVAC system that is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, fume, exhaust, and ventilation duct

● Irrigation systems for agriculture, livestock, and farms

Residential use

● It is used in sprinkler systems and irrigation systems at home

● CPVC is used for ventilation ducts in the home

● Used for the distribution of drinking water

● Highly used in infrastructure for residential plumbing, drainage system, and sewage system.

Recreational use

● It is used for temporary tents and shaded seating places

● It is used in greenhouses, carport, and raised garden bed frames

● It is also useful in doing crafts work and do-it-yourself projects

Properties of CPVC

Mentioned below are the properties of CPVC:

● CPVC is resistant to corrosion and deterioration caused by substances classed as acid, alkali, or inorganic.

● The highest functional temperature of CPVC is 200° F.

● The additional chlorine in CPVC boosts chemical strength and aids in the prevention of bacteria and biofilm growth within the pipes

● CPVC is impact-resistant and long-lasting.

● When ANSI / NSF 61 is approved, CPVC is safe to use with potable water.

Advantages of CPVC

There are so many advantages of using CPVC pipes. Following are the advantages:

● Potable water safety and long-term dependability.

● Corrosion resistance, tuberculation resistance, and deposit resistance.

● CPVC has resistance to chlorine and chloramine.

● It is transportable and very lightweight.

● It is available in a variety of sizes.

● It has resistance to noise and water hammer.

● Since CPVC has no scrap value, thus workplace theft is avoided.

● It is very durable and tough so it can withstand on-site installation.

● Solvent cement joints are made without the use of a flame.

● It is used for universal pipe/fitting compatibility.

● It has a professional appearance when placed.

These are the numerous applications of CPVC, so if you want the best quality of fitting at your home or anywhere else then contact the CPVC Pipe Fittings manufacturer. Their prices for CPVC pipes are priced at very reasonable rates. So one can trust them and purchase the CPVC pipes for them in bulk for their use.

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